First Telekinesis Try with Psi-Wheel

In this lesson we will focus a bit on telekinesis. Telekinesis is basically manipulating physical objects with your inner energy, or minds power. You may even call it stretching out your aura to connect to a physical item to interact with it on a spiritual plane, or in a psychic way if you prefer.

What I will describe in this lesson is well-known as the Psi-Wheel. I assume you have already been practicing my previously posted lessons for at least several weeks, hopefully some months, on a daily basis, before attempting this. If not, you should have an allready natural ability for psychic powers to be able to to it, inborn if you like, or allready have been studying and practicing these matters through other sources.

In any case, a psi wheel is quite simple to set up and to practice your telekinetic powers with. Here I will give you the instructions.

Step A:

First of all, you need a square piece of paper, about the size of your hand. You fold it up on the middle first once, then in opposite direction so lines in shape of a cross is now found on the paper, with the middle of the "cross" at the middle of the paper. Then you fold it up a little, to make it as a little "hat" with the middle pointing up and the sides slightly bended down. You also need something to place it on, such as a small iron rod placed on a stable surface so it can stand straight up. See illustration below:

Making Psi Wheel

Here you can see the paper, or the "psi wheel", It's all ready and folded up in the way it should. In this way it will keep balanced when you place it on top of the iron rod so that it will easily spin around when right energies is applied.

Put the paper, the "psi wheel", on top of the iron rod (a long needled, a pencil, etc, can also be used).

Then, just to see how it functions, gently blow on the paper wheel, and you will see it spin gently and stable around on top. If there is too much friction making it hard to spin, fold it slightly more leaving the top tip more wide so it doesn't get stuck on the top of the iron rod. It needs to hang very loose.

Personally I recommend using tin foil instead of paper, as we are of an electric energetic nature, which naturally connects more easily to metal such as tin foil and thus makes the experiment easier to perform. However I did not have tin foil in my possession when making this lesson, so we'll have to do with a paper substitute.

Step b:

Now that you have placed the paper, or the tin foil, "Psi wheel" on top of the iron rod (or needle, or pencil, or whatever you chose) we are ready to begin. As I mentioned, what you need to do now first of all is an energy meditation, where you let the great energy of the universe itself manifest within you, going through your body, as I explain in Article 1.

At this point however, instead of simply letting the energy flow out of your hands doing nothing, you will create an energetic magnetic filed between your hangs. Hold your hands together, and imagine the energy flowing out through them, creating an force between them of great psychic power. You may hold your hands flat together, but not touching each other, and visualize a powerful field of magnetic energy between them flowing out of your hands. Seem image below for illustration on how to hold your hands:

Try focusing on the energy flowing out through hands. Although the energy flowing through the top of head, down to body and into my feet, and then back up out through hands and arms are not illustrated on this photo, they are still there.

So, in other words, feel this great powerful energy that is flowing through you now streaming out your hands as you hold them together closely as the illustration show. Imagine it is forming a powerful magnetic force between your hands. Visualize it as a blue powerful psychic force, energy coming directly through you from the divine source. Try to feel this energy between your hands. Move your hands slightly back and forth, up and down, while visualizing the intensity of this force growing stronger, and feel the magnetic force between your hands tugging, pulling and/or pushing your hands towards or apart from each other.

Make this energy grow stronger, let it flow more powerful through your body from that brilliant sphere above your head as mentioned in Article 1, and charge up in your feet before shooting out your hands to chare up the space between them as you are now holding them closely together not letting the energy escape, but you rather keep it between your hands and make it build up strong and powerful.

As you do this, visualize a powerful blue magnetic and electric force forming between your hands, a force which you can make expand and connect with other physical objects to make changes in them or manipulate them in various ways.

Imagine the magnetic electric blue force between your hands, as the energy is shooting out of them, while moving your hands rubbing the energy and feeling the sensation of this energy between your hands as shown in this video clip:

Step c:

Then at this point when your hands are charged with electromagnetic energy, true psychic and spiritual forces, you may place your hands around the psi wheel which is placed on top of the rod, pencil, needle or whatever object you have chosen as mentioned above. Hold your hands around and let the energy flow out of your hands and envelope the whole apparatus, with a focus on the wheel itself. Feel your magnetic fields emitting from your hands, visualize and imagine, yes even will it to push the wheel around on top of the rod its resting. Imagine you have built up a great force of energy that is flowing out through your hands, and that is is affecting the wheel in an almost magnetic way, either pulling our pushing it around, you may even imagine one hand attracts the wheel, while the other one pushes its in opposite direction, thus making a twirling spinning motion of energy that will make the wheel move around.

imagine a transparent, almost invisible force surrounding the wheel on its iron rod. This I visualize as a magnetic force that I can use to push the wheel around in circles with, back and forth, as you move your hands around in different directions, and force the energy to flow out of your hands in various ways, sometimes attracting the wheel, sometimes pushing it away from you.

Remember that you are still connected with that great brilliant white sphere of light above your head with is shooting a beam of great power and majestic force from the universal source throughout your body, all the way down from the top of your head, down your throat, into your chest, down your solar plexus and belly, and into your genitals and further down your feet where it charges up for a while before its bursting back up through your body and out your arms and out through your hands with great force. Feel this energy emitting from your hands, sense it, imagine it, visualize, and you may even see a field of energy surrounding the space between your hands if you look closely, like an transparent aura, sometimes even with colors.

And this is the energy you use to manipulate the psi wheel, which is a physical object, using your spiritual or psychic powers, to make changes in the wheel, such as movement. With practice you can do it.


You now know how to do basic telekinesis. There are many other ways to put it into more advanced practice, which I will talk more about at some later point. Keep practicing the lesson from Article 1, the Basic meditation and Energy Work, daily while at same time practicing this method mentioned here daily, 15-30 minutes a day, for several weeks or couple months. Then you may proceed to next lesson, regardless if you were successful or not, as some people have greater luck with some skills than other skills. But it is of great importance to practice what i teach you on a daily basis for the length of time I tell you for it to activate the energies and powers within you and make you able to develop further.


remember, the more you practice the greater will be the result. Hard work is always what brings in most results, specially when it comes to magic, the spiritual and psychic abilities.

You may listen to peaceful calm meditation type of music when doing this exercise, as it may help you relax more and let your mind wander further. You may also find audio systems such as Hemi-Sync and Brainwave Generator useful tools and aids in performing this exercise in a better and deeper way.


Do not get startled if you after some weeks or more of practicing this exercise start to experience unusual things, such as astral projection, lucid dreams, or even telepathy and telekinesis. 
After all you are building up your psychic powers, and these abilities are some of the goals for most people when getting into the psychic and spiritual subject, even though most want to venture much further and beyond when they really start getting into it. Its a glorious and amazing existence out there waiting to unfold for you if you just let it!

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